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Data Longevity

Always said that I love CafeTran’s plain text approach to glossaries and memories. I even suggested tab-delimited memories as an alternative format, with some advantages. Another advantage of plain text files is ... Data Longevity. Will your CAT tool from today still be around in 10 years? Your carefully crafted term and translation bases, can you still access that in 20 years? How well does your data age? Imagine one morning you wake up and realize that the software update that installed itself automatically last night now crashes your notes app. The backup copy that you keep online is gone, because the company behind the service was acquired, pivoted on its heels and is now onto bigger things, and not even that old copy that you emailed to yourself is within reach, because, well, you are offline. The best protection against getting locked out from an app and your data is to not rely on any particular app in the first place. Using a data format that is compatible across many apps, ideally simple enough so that even in 20 years from now there will still be apps around that will be able to open it. Inspired by
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