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Escapement of equals sign not working anymore

I think that I've found what's f*cking up my non-translatables since the introduction of the converted non-translatables here:

The equals sign is now being used to define a conversion. However, the escaped equals sign isn't processed properly and will prevent any further term recognition, in any glossary.

Very nice ... (NOT!!!)

This is a valid expression:


But it will cause troubles as described above.


In today's build of 10.8.3 update, the equals character in the non-translatable fragments can be escaped with the backslash. Please apply this build by repeating the update. Thanks.

After applying this update, the last two entries of the non-translatables glossary aren't coloured blue (my colour for non-translatables) anymore ...


That's strange:



  Will identify 0,8 mm as a non-translatable but




will not identify 100 mm as a non-translatable.

What's happening here?

(Glossary only contains these 2 lines.)

Even stranger, this one works too:




The issue existed in non-translatable fragments with overlapping numbers (e.g 100 and 100 mm). That's been fixed in the last build.

Thanks again :).

Getting there ...

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