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Tab-delimited memories

Elsewhere, I asked: What does CafeTran Espresso need TMX for, internally?

Of course there are a lot of scenarios where TMX is useful for CafeTran Espresso.

However, the bare bone alternative, tab-delimited memories, is very attractive (at leat to me).

Let's have a look at a typical TU in a TMX created with CafeTran Espresso (third-party TMXes will be considerably more complicated!):


So, which info from the TU do I not need in my daily work?

  1. I don't need a TU number.
  2. I don't need a TU date: just store the newest one.
  3. I know who I am (I think) so I don't need an ID.
  4. I know my source and target language so there's no need to specify them in every TU.
  5. I don't need XML style encoding: just use UTF-8.
Removing all ballast and rearranging the TU in a handier format yields a line with 6 words and one tab character.

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