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Segmentation issue

Hi Igor,

I have a question on/issue with segmentation.

First thing to say is that I'm using OmegaTRules.srx as my segmentation editor, so the actual segmentation is, as I understand it, my problem, not yours.

That fact notwithstanding, I had a text containing the following:
... voranzukommen." Am Abend beschloss ...

The text was segmented at the full stop, rather than after the quote mark. I suspect the quote mark is a non standard quote character (it differs from the rest of the quote marks in the generally poorly formatted text).

My issue is, that this character was then simply invisible. It wasn't included in the next segment, and this caused my some confusion trying to work out where the quote ended.

Why is this? Why does this character disappear?

I can probably fix it by amending my .srx file, but nonetheless, should this happen?


Hi Jeremy,

This segmentation issue is confirmed. Fixing it for the next update.



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