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Newbie alert! Trying to get started: TMs, number conversion

Coming from WFP, I'm having a hard time with the following (using the demo version):

- I exported my TMs (both big and small ones so the demo works), loaded them in the dashboard. On WFP, for this specific document, the analysis shows 3482 words out of 6111 that are no matches. Using the same TM in CTE, it gives me 4133/6089. I would expect some difference between the apps, but maybe this is too much? (This specific TM is larger than the demo limit, but the app is reading it, not sure it would save to it)

- I can't figure out how to handle numbers easily. I need the dot/comma conversion, and I need to transfer these numbers to the target without having to type them (I work with financial docs, too dangerous to type numbers and make a mistake). I see the numbers highlighted in pink, then I can use the F4 shortcut, but then there is no dot/comma conversion. I found out I can also type three digits (my prompter starts at 2), delete the last digit, and then a suggestion pops up for a number that does not exist in the source:


- Still numbers. I asked CTE to Insert all exact matches, just to see what it would do. It filled the target segments that were 100%, but did not change the numbers:


My current configs that I believe are for numbers:

- Workflow > Replace characters at source transfer: unchecked (have tried checked, no change, even with commas and dots in the correct boxes)

- Prompter: checked - Prompt phrases, Two-word, Auto case adjustment; Prompting starts (2), Minimal word length (3)

- Auto-assembling: checked - Transfer numbers, Format numbers

- CTE has also inserted 100% matches that are not exact matches. In one example, the source in the TM was "Em 2019, foi criado o Comitê de Engajamento, que envolve diferentes áreas, percepções e ideias para assegurar um ambiente de trabalho saudável, com equipes e colaboradores comprometidos", and the source in the new document was "Em 2020, o acompanhamento do engajamento da organização foi realizado através de reuniões do Comitê de Engajamento, que envolve diferentes áreas, percepções e ideias para assegurar um ambiente de trabalho saudável, com equipes e colaboradores comprometidos" (underlined is different text), but the segment was marked as 100% and filled with the wrong translation, and the TM tab was not marking the differences in red.

I think these are the most pressing issues for now :-) TIA

Hi, Igor,

With F4 I have this (green circle below, and I wonder why that menu is so far away from where I'm typing in the target?):


My project configs are:


Thanks for the help, guys!

Have you tried the F4 shortcut? It should turn e.g 12.4 into 12,4 if your languages have that respective number formats.


I think I have not explained it right. What I need is for the numbers highlighted in pink in the source to be transferred to the target when I type them (maybe this is the F4 shortcut?), but where in the source it is, say, 12,4 , I need it to be 12.4 in the target (and vice-versa, depending on the language pair). I cannot type all numbers in the documents, because it would be insane and also risky (I cannot have wrong numbers in the translation).

In Wordfast Pro, when (for the example numbers) I type 1, I immediately have a dropdown menu with different options to choose from (all of them from the source segment):




I can then use the arrows, choose the one I want, and type Enter.

This is what I was talking about in the second item of my original message.

If you give examples of the conversions that have to take place, I'm willing to try to come up with matching regular expressions for conversions.

Karen Burlingame said about 3 years ago Sandy--which part are you trying to work on? Swapping months and days? (To change, say 17/05/2017 to 05/17/2017? If that's it, the code in my dictionary is actually this: (^\d+)/((?<=/)\d+(?=/))/(\d{4}$) Matches to $2/$1/$3 with the Use Regular Expressions clicked. I have no idea what it means. Just doing a copy/paste.
Some answers: difference in exact matches between two cat tools or two computers can be caused by many things, like differences in segmentation or tags etc. You should get, however, many high-fuzzy matches. Conversion of full stops and commas isn’t perfect in cte. I’d leave everything as is during translation. I’d define regular expressions as large as possible to match all numbers and valuta characters etc. I’d save these ik a glossary for non-translatable. At the end of the project, I’d run a qa for non-translatables. Then I’d perform a couple of regexes to perform the necessary conversions. You can save them in a text doc or typing assistent. Have a Google for Anthony Rudd and regular expressions. You’d find references to an example doc contains lots of useful regexes, among them the once’s you need. No comment to the EM diff that you noticed.
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