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Content of the previous target segment

I often get projects that haven't been configured well, w/r to abbrev.

So I get projects that contain:




Instead of hy. valve (hydraulic valve).

In my target language, the 'valve' should have a lowercase letter.

It would be tremendously helpful (for macrophiles) to have a property Content of previous segment, that can be checked.

But I have no idea how CafeTran Espresso could pass this to the macro tool (e.g. Keyboard Maestro, in my case).

Perhaps someone else?

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Via the clipboard, this would be possible and generic (cross-platform).

Press (simulate) keyboard shortcut 'Copy content of previous segment'.

The macrophile could assign this clipboard content to a variable and restore the previous clipboard content then.

I mean: the interaction could take place via the clipboard.


  • Save current clipboard content in a variable X.
  • Simulate the keyboard shortcut 'Copy content of previous segment'.
  • Set a variable Y to the current clipboard (= the previous segment's content).
  • Restore the clipboard from variable X.

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