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disappearing target text in segment when leaving filtered view

I have encountered the following issue:

As an example, I am translating a text with 10 segments, and I am currently working on segment #7. With segment #7 still unconfirmed, I filter for a source language term the translation of which I want to change, and I see in the grid that this term appears in segments 3, 5 and 7. So I modify the translation of that term in segment 3, press alt + down to go to the next filtered segment, which is segment 5. There I also modify the translated term and press alt + down to move on to segment #7, the one that has not been fully translated and confirmed yet. When I now quit the filtered view, with segment #7 being the active segment, to continue translating this segment, I expect Cafetran to display segment #7 with all the text translated so far. However, Cafetran shows an empty segment #7, and all the text has disappeared.

To avoid this, one can either go to one of the other filtered segments, for example #5, and then quit the filtered view. Cafetran would then automatically display the segment I last worked on, which is #7, and all the target text I have entered so far is in place.

One could also, when still in filtered view with segment #7 being the active segment, finish translating that segment and confirm it, and only then quit the filtered view. However, I prefer seeing all the segments in the grid while translating; staying in filtered view while translating, long segments in particular, is not ideal.

While I know by now how to avoid losing the segment content, I spilled my coffee more than once when I realized that a hundred words or more of unconfirmed target text were simply gone. Would it be possible to fix this? Because with time, this is quite a waste of coffee! ;)

You should complete (and confirm) the edition of the given segment in the filter view. After switching off the filter view, CafeTran returns to the original segment left before the filter was active. Thus, you might forget which segment was being edited and not finished e.g. along with the missing tags. That, in turn, might cause problems with the export.

Ok, but when CafeTran returns to the original segment left before the filter was active, why should the unconfirmed target text disappear in that original segment, whenever I switch off filter view with that segment being the currently selected one in filter view? Can't CafeTran in that case also just display the segment last edited before activating the filter, the way I left it, without any text disappearing? After all, this is just what CafeTran does when switching off filter view while a segment other than that original segment is the selected one.

Okay, the next update will keep the contents of the edited segment when switching off the filter view. However, it can keep it only if the edited segment was not confirmed previously.

Great, thanks Igor!

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