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Runtime update for CafeTran on Windows

Please follow the below instructions to update Java runtime for CafeTran to 15.0.1 version on Windows operating system.

  1. Run CafeTran and make sure that it runs on Java 11 or a higher version -  see Java version in CafeTran's Help > About panel. Then, exit the program.
  2. Download file from here and place it in the folder of your choice (e.g Desktop).
  3. Unpack it and find the folder named "runtime".
  4. Go to CafeTran's installation directory and find the folder with the same name "runtime" there. Rename that folder (e.g. to runtime-12 where the number is your current Java version as shown in the Help > About  panel). It will be your backup runtime in case of any issues with the new runtime.
  5. Copy the unpacked runtime folder into CafeTran's installation directory.
  6. Launch CafeTran and check if CafeTran's Help > About panel > Java version shows the latest Java 15.0.1 version.
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