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Optimal font for Windows 10

In the SDL project that I've just finished (PowerPoint files), CTE was not displaying bold and bold+color characters in the grid, which is set to use Meiryo as a font. Bold and colored portions appear correctly in the exported files, though.

Now, Meiryo is the standard Win10 font and naturally it supports bold too. As a matter of fact, bold and bold+color characters appear correctly in the grid too when translating *docx files*.

After trying many of the fonts available in CTE, Meiryo for me is the best option to display both Japanese and Latin-character languages. But maybe the issue here is not the font itself, but rather how CTE handles SDL tags?

Any idea, please? 

For external projects, there may be still room for improvement in the display of formatting in the grid. You might create a support ticket attaching your project and indicating the number of the segment where the bold is not shown.

Hi Igor,

Unfortunately, the CTE package file is too big to send as an attachment. Can I still open the ticket and send the package separately by YouSentit or a similar way?

After finding a way to reduce the package size, I've opened a ticket on this issue.

Thank you. 

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