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Question on auto-propagation disabling

After disabling "Auto-propagation" in Preferences, by right-clicking in the source editor I can still see "Auto-propagation" ticked. Why? Are these two settings strictly correlated?

Any reply to this, please?

The Auto-propagation option for the current segment in the pop-up menu of the source segment editor lets the user block auto-propagation to seleted segments only.

Here, all auto-propagation-related options in Preferences are anticked, because I don't want auto-propagation to occur. Then, why the Auto-propagation option in the source segment pop-up menu is ON for all segments?

In any case, even if it's ticked propagation doesn't occur. Which is what I want of course, but since it's ON I expect it to occur.

> it's ON I expect it to occur.

The global Auto-propagation OFF settings in Preferences > Auto-propagation tab overrule the option set for individual segments. That is why the propagation does not occur.

Thank you, it's clear now.

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