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Auto-suggest pop-up at Alt+M

In addition of being useless, the auto-suggest list that appears right after selecting a source fragment and the corresponding target fragment, then pressing Alt+M, doesn't allow to make adjustments in the source and target input fields, for instance to make corrections or remove capital letters.

Would it be possible to fix this for the next update?


I'm not able to reproduce it in the latest 10.8.2 update.

I'm using the latest 10.8.2 update (but with embedded Java 12) and when I:

1) select portions in the source and target segments and

2) press Alt+M,

the Auto-suggest panel appears on top of the New Fragment window. Isn't this happening at your side?

Apart from the usefulness of the Auto-suggest panel at this stage, if it contains more than 4 or 5 items it covers partially or even totally the New Fragment window.

In the 10.8.2 update, CafeTran should block the Prompter pop-up panel if the left ALT modifier is pressed. What is your operating system and keyboard layout when it occurs?

OS: Windows 10

Keyboard layout: Italian, standard 108 keys, standard layout

I attach a snapshot.


Does it occur with the right or left ALT pressed in your keyboard? The left ALT+M should not trigger the prompter together with the New Fragment window.

Always with the left Alt key.

Update: I tried to reproduce this issue with two different laptops (I use only laptops with an external keyboard attached), and this is what I found out:

1) By using the integrated keyboard everything is fine on both laptops

2) By using an external keyboard, one is fine and the other one has the issue

So, it seems that the issue is occurring only on this particular installation (for reasons that I don't know since I never changed key assignments). It's a Logicool keyboard.

One note: the right Alt+M key combination does absolutely nothing. Is this supposed to be so?


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