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Let Move to Next/Previous segment not activate MT

I use the commands Move to Next/Previous segment to proofread my translation projects. (For that purpose, I have assigned the – and + key of the numeric keypad to these commands.)

Would it be possible or even a good design decision to prevent activation of MT when using Move to Next/Previous segment?


Haha, fair enough! Such a one button/command (shortcut) would be interesting indeed. I second it.

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Why assume this is what all users want, when you can choose to Stop automatic MT service for each of the enabled API MT services whenever you want (and then manually query them if needed)?

The decision to move to next segment without storing to memory does not tell something about the intention of the translation for the next segment.

Hahaha, why assume that I assume that the request is what all users want? Of course I don't assume that. So there should be a smart solution for the modification. E.g. after having translated the last untranslated segment, the MT systems pause. Or any other solution that Igor comes up with. If at all.

The manual deactivation of MT systems is not what I'm aiming at. One button/command to pause them all would come more close.

Have a nice day!

A toggle to show the Grid maximised and pause all MT systems, A.K.A. Review/Proofread mode, would also be an approach. But this request has never been fulfilled. Which doesn't frustrate me.

Your comment was valid, though. Thing is that I'm usually firing these requests/writing these posts when I'm in the middle of something else (translating, puzzling with a macro) and I often don't have focus/time to write the usual disclaimers.

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