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Project languages as variables for web resources

Hello there,

How'ya doing?

Would it be possible to have variables for defining web resources that reflect the project languages?



Hmm, looks like this isn't supported (anymore?) via the URL:

doesn't work :(

Igor, is it technically possible to make the source segment also 'dragable'? So that one can drag over it's content, to have this transferred to ModernMT's source input box?

Anyway, are these the steps to perform?

  1. Click the 翻譯 Translate icon or press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+Enter.
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F12 twice to move to ModernMT's source input box.
  3. Press Enter to start the engine (or type a period or something).
  4. Drag over the suggested translation in ModernMT's target input box to transfer the suggestion to CafeTran Espresso's target segment box.
Is that correct?

For MyMemory it's possible to set the language codes in the URL:

But adding /en/German/Dutch/ to the search string in the web resource info, prevents transfer of the source segment :(.

With Systran it looks like the clearing of the source input box isn't working, when pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F12 the previous search query returns.

I get better results with this:

  1. Go to next segment (e.g. CTRL+Enter).
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F12 to go to Systran's source input box.
  3. Press CMD+A to select everything.
  4. Press CMD+V to paste the source segment/overwrite any previous query.

Alas, when dragging over the text in the target input box, the focus on the source input box is lost for the next query (segment). A lot of clicking ...

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