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Best way to harvest all those project-related ProjectTMs

What do you think is the best way to harvest all those project-related ProjectTM memories?

I often hear from new users that after a while they have lots of ProjectTMs, each in their own project folder.

What would be the best way to collect and commit them to one big memory?

I use a different approach: ProjectTMs and project glossaries are disabled. I add a Big Papa Glossary, a Big Papa TM, company-specific TM and Glossary when I create a project. I assign medium priority to the Big Papa TM and the Big Papa glossary and high priority to their company-specific counterparts.

It can be useful. I have also the opposite need right now: exporting a regular TM to a PrejectTM. Is there simple way to achieve this?

How about just renaming my-example.tmx to ProjectTM.tmx and move it to the project folder?

So simple! Thank you!

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