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Number conversion not working

I'm translating EN-GB to NL-NL and find that the comma in numbers isn't converted. The number is recognised as a non-translatable:


I've selected the corresponding setting:


How can I let CafeTran Espresso insert 10.000 in the target editor box?

On other thing: at the end of the project I want to do QA non-translatables and I don't want to get zillions of false positives for these numbers with a comma in it. How can I achieve that?

I had the same problem yesterday, I unchecked Transfer numbers to matches, checked Format numbers and now it seems to work alright.

The only cases I have checked under Auto-assembling are Transfer tags to matches, Match case, Fuzzy match auto-correction, Automatic Fragment adjustment and Format numbers

Thanks but unchecking Transfer didn’t solve it.

CT can't change it probably because it sees the number as 10,000 (ten with the decimal comma), which is still correct in Dutch, right?

No, I don't think that it's ever right in Dutch.

You can write 100,00 € but no-one would write three decimals.

English 10,000.00 > Dutch 10.000,00

Of course, you can write as many decimals after a number as you wish. CT conversion algorithm has no way of knowing that you wish to limit it to the currency conversion.

True. But no sound person would use three zeros as decimals.

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