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Project TB got deselected, disappeared and recreated as an empty TB

I've been playing with the new version of CafeTran, and at some point the Project TB got deselected (I did not intentionally deselect it), but may have pressed New Dashboard). 

After that, my Project TB was recreated in another folder and it was blank.

My folder structure is as follows: 

"Folder with all my CafeTran external projects" - "Individual folders with mqxliff files from different projects" (AFAIR that Project TB was stored in a folder with mqxliff files). 

The TB got recreated in the parent folder with all my CafeTran projects.

It's good I have all my glossaries backed up elsewhere, but what is the best practice for using Project TB?

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The Project glossary file for external projects is created in the parent folder because those external xliff files might be part of the package structure where CT files should not be placed. You can create a new glossary for each project (in the Dashboard) with whatever path you wish if your personal project files structure does not agree with the default location of the project glossary.

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