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unable to save NT-glossary file

When I create a nontranslatables glossary and add regular expressions to it, CTE is unable to save the glossary file to my usual path that has "Übersetzungen" in it. It doesn't seem to like the "Ü". There is no such problems with my other "translatables" glossary files though.

CTE saves the nontranslatables glossary to a different path without umlauts without any issues. Could you please check this, Igor? Many thanks in advance!

Please right-click at the glossary name in the Dashboard and choose Edit glossary info. Check whether the Path field displays the umlaut correctly and the Encoding field is set to UTF-8. Correct it if necessary. The glossary info files created in the previous version of CafeTran had an issue with some characters in the path.

Still not working. I proceed as follows: I create a new glossary from within a project, mark it as "nontranslatables only". Here in the "New glossary" window, the path with the umlaut is correct. I click on OK and add some regex via alt+g. A number in the current segment, that should be covered by the regex, is not recgnized. If a press ctrl+s to save, or if I want to close the project and CTE asks if I want to save the glossary, an "error saving file" message pops up with the broken "Ü" in the file path. Now on the dashboard, when I right-click on the glossary name, the path is shown correctly in the "Edit glossary" window.

Now when I follow the same steps but with a different location, without "Ü", everything works as it should. Also, right after adding the regex to the newly created glossary, it immediately recognizes a number in the current segment. This was not the case with the glossary I saved with a path having the "Ü".

Fow now I will just use my glossary that I saved outside of my usual glossary folder.

I confirm the glossary path issue. It should be fixed in the coming update. Thanks!

Thanks Igor, that's good news :)

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