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need help with regex in non-translatables glossary

I am a total newbie with regex, but I would like to create a glossary that lets CTE recognize numbers in parantheses, such as (10), as non-translatables that can be simply inserted with the parantheses.

After reading a little about regex, I created a new glossary, marked the "regular expressions" and "non-translatables" checkboxes, and added a line with


I would like CTE to recognize the parantheses, any number between 0 and 9, with up to 4 digits.

Unfortunately, no parantheses with numbers are recognized in CTE. I tested this expression with an online regex tester, and it worked. Is there anything wrong with my expression, should I add something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Igor, do these checkboxes exclude each other? If so, can you please make them outgrey each other upon selection? That would be clearer.

Now it works, thanks!

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I don't know why your expression doesn't work.

Here's what I do: I only select the Non-translatables checkbox when creating a new non-translatables glossary and I enter the expression with the leading vertical bar:


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