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Do I need a new computer?

I have a 6-year old desktop computer with an Intel Core i5 470 3.2GHz processor, 8GB ram, and SSD. CafeTran often freezes during preliminary memory matching (especially with large source documents).

This problem does not occur on my newer Surface Book with an i5-7300U Processor, also with 8GB ram and SSD.  


I am using the same settings on both machines. Is this a problem with hardware on my older desktop (too slow and old for CafeTran), or is there anything else I can try before replacing my computer?




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A part of your RAM might be taken by other applications in the second machine. You might check this solution to assign more RAM memory for CafeTran:

Thanks Igor. Reinstalling CafeTran fixed the problem for me.

This thread is old, but I may provide useful information for those unwilling to replace their old machines.

I use PC cleaning software that features RAM optimisation. Please check the screenshot before and after running it:

Before (please check the part marked in yellow in the second column in %, Windows 8.1 in Bulgarian where Памет = RAM):


This is the software:



After optimisation ('Deep Clean'):



1,050.9 MB against 1.4 MB for CTE (OpenJDK Platform binary)!

It seems those PC cleaning pieces of software are a must if you don't need or want to change your PCs/laptops too often. Mine freed up more than 7 GB consisting of old or redundant files on the SSD. In addition, some of these programs do support Windows XP.


How long do you plan CTE to support Windows 8.1?

As long as Java software supports this older Windows system. I wouldn't worry much about it as Java is known to be backward compatible for a quite extended period.

Thank you for your information, Igor.

I'd opt for good antivirus and PC cleaning software until my PC crashes. There is no reason for changing a running computer provided that the installed programmes work on it and can be updated.

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