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How to filter out accepted segments during QA?

This is my first time using the QA tools in CafeTrans. I have a lot of segments that I would consider false positives and would like to filter them out of subsequent QA checks after reviewing them once.

For example:

Source segment: ① 

Target segment: (1)

This is flagged by CafeTrans as a number inconsistency. But it's okay given the different languages. I have tried setting the segment status to "Approve". But when I perform a subsequent QA check for numbers, this segment (and the 100 or so others like it) still show up.

How do I prevent this while still being able to use the QA check?


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If you use the "Checked" segment status, I think checked segments can be left out of the QA session: Edit > Preferences > QA: untick "QA for checked segments".

Does this work for you?

Otherwise, I'm not sure what to suggest. You exemple shows a number inconsistency in general, and I don't think CafeTran can currently apply language/user-specific rules for QA steps like this.

Maybe a regex search can be used instead? Can't help you in that department…

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