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Yandex Translate web service is not available

Yandex Translate web service is not available, is this only on my system?

Can anyone confirm that Yandex API is down?

I've contacted Yandex directly.

The thing is that all free keys stopped working since 15th of August. To continue using Yandex.Translate API, please get the paid version. Fill the information in your personal account and put the required sum. Information about prices is here.

We no longer issue free keys for the Yandex.Translate API. For all existing free keys, there will be a limit of 50,000 symbols as of July 31st and these keys will stop working on August 15th. 

Yandex.Translate API with improved translation quality based on Neural Machine Translation and more attractive pricing options continues to be available via Yandex Cloud for businesses (worldwide) and individuals resident in Russia. 

Users wishing to sign up for this service may do so here.
A grant will be made available to allow you to test the service for free after registration. 

Individuals from other countries wishing to continue with the previous version of Yandex Translate API may switch to the paid version here.:


The Licensee shall make a down payment of remuneration for the right to use the program “Yandex.Translate” API (the Program) during a calendar month (the Reporting period). Payments shall be effected in US Dollars.
The minimal amount of payment is 15 US Dollars.
Program pricing is based on the number of characters in the Requests during a Reporting period:
Number of characters in the requests for the Reporting periodRate (in US dollars per 1 million characters)
less 50 000 00015
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