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Changing colour/font sizes of progress bars

Can someone please guide me to where I can change the colour and/or font size of the progress bar? This the bar next to the "Export" text at the top left of the screen. The default colour and font size make it impossible to read for me. Even using a magnifying glass I have difficulty reading the number. The light blue is too similar to the light grey background and all I see is a fuzzy mess.

I have a large file to translate with over 7000 segments. Some of these need splitting/joining, and I would like to use the progress bar to track the amount of work I need to do each day. But this is proving a challenge as I cannot read the number in that bar.

Thanks for any help!

You might try choosing another look and feel via Edit > Preferences > Appearance tab. The Nimbus look and feel has more contrasting colors than Metal, for example.

Thanks for the reply. I was using the "Windows" appearance. I changed to Metal and the bars are a lot more readable.

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