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Switching between Project Templates removes glossaries from template

While switching between projects in the Dashboard I noticed that glossaries were removed from the corresponding template.

Project A, PT A', gloss A1, gloss A2

Project B, PT B', gloss B1, gloss B2

When I switch from project A to project B, gloss B2 is removed from the Dashboard and has to be reactivated in the translation mode.

When I close CafeTran Espresso and switch from B to A, gloss A2 isn't listed anymore in the Dashboard.

This is quite irritating.

What can this be?

The same, usual problem with project management...

Perhaps I should mention that one of the projects is a Studio project.

What can be causing this? Should I (once again) delete all my Project Templates and start creating them anew?


Hi Biff,

Marthy is somewhere in the future but you might try to re-save your template via the Dashboard menu.


Yep. Tried that multiple times, with several PTs. The strange thing is: it used to work fine ...

BTW: I haven't fiddled around with these PTs with any external tool :).

It's always two supporting glossaries (QA and non-translatables) that are missing.

Hi Igor,

Also because I wanted to remove Yandex MT from all Project Templates, I've decided to start from scratch and create all PTs anew.

I sometimes create demo or test projects with glossaries with bogus names. After closing these projects I removed the bogus glossaries from the Dashboard.

Can it be that this caused the problem with 'serious' PTs where glossaries were missing?



I am not sure what you mean by bogus names. If you remove the glossary from the Dashboard, it is also removed from the currently selected template displayed in the Dashboard tab. The coming update adds "New Dashboard" command which removes the current template from the Dashboard and unchecks all the glossaries and TMs there. This way you will able to create new templates from the resources present in the Dashboard.

For this project I had to import 6 gigantic Studio memories. During the conversion phase I named them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After loading them, I merged them to one memory with the client's name. Now my Dashboard lists the in-between 'bogus' memories:


Not only when I load the PT for the new client ... but in all other PTs too.

Clearly this is not what I want: I want to decide myself which items are listed, because if not, the Dashboard would be a jungle.

So my question is: how can I safely remove items from the Memories and Glossaries lists in the Dashboard? From all PTs in one action.

Is this possible yet? Or wil it be possible in the next build? ;)

I click on every memory with the right mouse button and remove the memories 1 ... 6.

Then I save the PT again.

After that, I open the PT again ... just to find that the memories 1 ... 6 are back again.

Apparently, the global preferences (saved only at exit) take over while you switch between project templates in the Dashboard. Then, the list of memories is refreshed from the global preferences which still contains the removed resource. When you remove a resource from the Dashboard and the current project template, the global preferences should be saved immediately. Fixed in the coming update. Thanks!

It will be also possible to remove all the selected resources (e.g memories) from the Dashboard in one action. Stay tuned.  

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