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How does CafeTran right click?

I'm trying to assign a shortcut on Mac to right click with Better Touch Tool, as well as a voice command in Talon Voice. However, it does not work. 

I've checked the same commands with other apps, like Safari, and everything works fine there.

So my question is: What does CafeTran do "behind the scene" to produce a right click?

CafeTran does nothing. It is just Java that passes the right-click request to some system function. Probably, your Mac tools are tuned to work with native Mac apps. You might try to enable "Mouse Keys" in Mac's System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control. Then use the Fn+CTRL+I keyboard shortcut (e.g via your tool) to produce the right-click via the keyboard shortcut.

Thanks, Igor, but it does not work in BTT. I've not tried it with the voice yet, as it's more complicated.

I think I'll ask the developers of those tools if there are any complications with Java.

Another macOS accessibility feature from the same menu worked for me: Pointer Control > Alternative pointer methods > Enable alternative pointer methods — and added a shortcut for right click.

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