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DeepL not working

Hi there, I cannot get DeepL to work properly. Whenever I press alt+enter, the segment text gets inserted in the DeepL tab, but it doesn't translate anything. I don't use it very often, but it used to work some months ago. I'd greatly appreciate any help here.

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Thanks, Jean, it does help, kind of... I pressed Alt+Reset, then opened the DeepL tab, and I was prompted to choose what cookies should be used. I chose "necessary cookies" instead of "accept all", and then I was able to use DeepL - but only until I closed the project and reopened it, then it was broken again.

On my laptop I had the same issue, and I chose "accept all". Then I was able to use DeepL normally, even after closing and reopening the project.

Resetting the cookies again on the machine where DeepL is broken, does not work. Is there any other way to make it work?

Perhaps you are using another version of CafeTran (running on a older version of Java) on the machine with the DeepL issue? If this is the case indeed, please submit a support ticket with the information about the CafeTran version that you have installed. You can check it in CafeTran's Help > About panel.

Both CafeTran versions are 10.7.5. The machine having the DeepL issue has Java "11.0.1 Open JDK", the one with no issues is "15-ea Open JDK". This one is more recent, right?

Yes, 15-ea OpenJDK is the latest Java that CafeTran can run on.

OK, thanks Igor. I will also try the approach suggested in the email from the helpful CTE support staff when I have time ;)

Regarding the web version of DeepL, this is what I get, even after resetting cookies.

Maybe CafeTran needs to be slightly updated as the DeepL page has changed somewhat?


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