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Indicate cell boundaries when translating spreadsheets

I translate too many Excel files these days and Trados has a handy feature which shows when two (or more) segments belong to the same cell – would it be possible to implement something similar in CT? Now I have to use either Trados or Excel – in case I am given the original xlsx – to check this because it affects the capitalization so often.

What about setting segmentation to Document? (Preferences > General)
Normally, I create a pdf from the xlsx and search every cell automatically via a macro.

For Excel files, I use memoQ's multilingual delimited text filter. It segments Excel files as one cell = one segment. It can import multiple source columns or sheets. It can also import the whole folder of similar files in one go.

Then I export the mqxliff and translate it in CafeTran.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll make sure to test these

Regarding this workflow with mqxliffs I should add that CafeTran does not play well with memoQ tags, especially in fuzzy matches. When a project has a lot of tags, it can become a real pain.

The issue was discussed in detail in this long thread:

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