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Question on CafeTran as a company

Hi Igor,

there's something that's long been nagging at me re. CT, namely the following:

Unless I've misunderstood the situation, CT is a one-man business. If you get hit by a bus (or virus) tomorrow, what happens to CT? Is there anyone to pick up the reins.

Will that be the end of development?

Will license verification stop working once a payment to some server company gets missed, bricking our CT installations?

Will we still be able to transfer our licenses when we buy a new computer or reinstall our OS?

Etc., etc.


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Maybe there would be more chances to get a reply from the developer if the same questions are posted in the CTE section of He's being conspicuously absent from this forum in the last three months or so.

As many others, I believe, I am also interested in a reply to your post.

Oh, that's interesting. I'd noticed he hadn't been round here much, but hadn't realised he was moonlighting on ProZ.
So what's the story Igor? Do we now need to head to ProZ for support and with suggestions?


Thanks! I am alright and taking care. The source code is protected well, and the new generation of developers is growing quickly :) I am around reading your requests here, meeting them whenever possible and within my abilities. 

By the way, I was temped to ask my favorite baker about his excellent donuts - if all is still okay with his business. Then I gave it a second thought and smiled.

Hopefully, you are fine too!  

I'm glad to hear that you're well.

I'm not very impressed with your answer, however. Donuts are not a key part of your business infrastructure. No offence, but your flippancy is seriously misplaced.

You've entirely failed to answer any of my perfectly reasonable questions, which is probably an answer in itself.

I've been using CTE for almost two years, and three things that I've always liked are the relative high frequency of updates (more than one in a month, sometimes), the fact that unlike other CAT software we have always enjoyed your active participation in this forum and, not less importantly, your responsiveness to users' new requests.  


I don't know, maybe you sapoiled us too much. But, as things seem to have changed quite a bit recently, it should be no surprise if we are wondering what the reasons might be.


If this is the result of a new organizational decision from your side, no problem as long as we are assured that CTE development continues, albeit maybe at a different pace, and more importantly that we as users are not adversely affected n case anything happens all of a sudden to what it's always been considered a one-man enterprise (or at least this is what I've always thought). 

Now, your statement on the "new generation of developers growing quickly" is very relieving in my opinion, as it shows your committment beyond simply "having fun or not anymore", but I believe that many of us would like to see your answers to Amos's questions, particularly on the licence management mechanism in case of emergency. Are we perhaps asking too much?

Mario: "Now, your statement on the "new generation of developers growing quickly" is very relieving in my opinion, as it shows your committment beyond simply "having fun or not anymore","

I found this statement anything other than reassuring, as I'm not at all convinced that that's what Igor meant – it sounds more like a willfully obscure reference to his kids.

It sounds very much like he has recently become a father, which might also explain his recent absence and lack of focus.

If so, congratulations Igor, but I'd still like some answers to my questions.

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