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Translated vs checked status

There are a couple of issues related to the translated and checked status.

After you confirm the last segment in a file, the below window pops up:


Followed by another one:


In both cases, it should be "checked".

Besides, when you press Ok, ALL the files in that folder become checked, while some of them may still be empty.

Can the naming be updated?

Can this action apply to the current file only?

Another confusion with the translated status is that when you confirm a segment as translated, there is not a single visual hint informing the user that the segment status has changed. For that reason, I prefer setting segment status to checked without using translated at all. As it is implemented now, translated is more similar to edited in other tools.

Can this be addressed?

Checked in Cafetran is mapped to Translated in SDL Trados.

Checked in Cafetran is mapped to Translated in SDL Trados.

The same is true for memoQ. I believe it would be more logical to rename "checked" into "translated" and "translated" — into "edited" (or "draft").

But even if the naming remains as is, I would like to have a visual differentiation (e.g., with the color or an icon to the right of the grid, or both) for the "translated" status.

When I confirm a segment with Ctrl+Alt+Down and nothing changes visually, it's a bit confusing. This action looks exactly the same as going down the grid with Ctrl+Alt+Right.

And if I import a mxliff file with some edited segments (e.g. pre-translated from fuzzies), later on I cannot differentiate them in the grid from those I confirm as "translated" in CafeTran. So for now, the only way is to always use "checked".

You are giving some good UI/UX feedback.

I hope it will be taken into account.

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