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Request: make entering a non-breaking space close the auto-suggestion pop up


I've noticed other instances where the auto-suggest does not disappear: 

- adding term to glossary with the Alt+Ctrl+G shortcut: the pop-up remain open overlapping the window for adding terms.

- using PgDown to go to the end of the segment (remapped to Cmd+Down)

However, for me the pop-up hides if I insert a non-breaking space with a Ctrl+Shift-Space shortcut, so I do not experience this particular issue.

Overall, I've noticed that I tend to overuse Esc key in CafeTran to hide auto-suggest in different cases. I might pay more attention to when it happens.

I have even remapped Esc to "Ctrl pressed alone" not to reach to it every time.

You posted the same thing a year ago.

I also posted something similar 6 months ago.

Seems like the prompter/autosuggest needs a bit of work.

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