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Requests QA mode

Would it be possible to add an icon above the grid when the QA filter mode is active: repeat last QA (like the keyboard shortcut)

Would it be possible to add af feature to remove one or more segments from the report (grid): e.g. right-click 'Do not flag item(s) for this QA check'?

FWIW: It would also be handy to add an icon Repeat last QA check to the F/R dialogue box, if that's easier to implement.

One other approach would be to make the current keyboard shortcut Repeat last QA check work from the F/R dialogue box too.

Background info:

When I'm QA'ing my translation project, I use the F/R dialogue box a lot, to make global changes.

When the dialogue box is displayed, even when it doesn't have focus, I cannot quickly use the keyboard shortcut Repeat last QA check. Instead, I have to click in the target segment editor first. 

This may sound like a small nuisance, but for my it's not.

And aren't we all here trying to make Hans's life as nice as possible?


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