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Visualisation of SGML entities

Hello, there seem to be a small glitch with the interpretation of some SBGML entities. In the attached snippet, you will notice that while the » is correctly interpreted and displayed in the target column, it is followed by an extra semi-column.

Note that AFAIK, the extra semi-column is not exported, and the translated HTML does not have »;

It seems to be a visualisation problem only. But it might reflect something deeper so worth a thought.

A related, although different, issue is that " " sometimes shows up as "nbsp;" in the source segments. Again, if I correct it in the translation as " ", CTE does not add the invisible &, and the result is the correct " " and not "& "

In general, the way CTE interprets HTML is sometimes stochastic. At the moment, I am presented with about half the "alt" and "title" attribute to translate. I have to edit the HTML file by hand after export.

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Hello Nicolas,

You might submit a support ticket attaching the sample source file where this issue occurs.

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