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Importing what in what exactly? I use CafeTran as my default CAT tool on Catalina. Handling of Studio PPX is very good. Studio server projects are indeed not possible. One other thing that is not possible: track changes in Studio projects. For that, I fire up VMware Fusion and Windows 10 with Studio 2019. I hope that the new online Studio 2020 will make this unnecessary. CafeTran’s integration in macOS is so much better, including better readability of all GUI fonts! Adding new terms, mass replacements in glossaries, simultaneously replacing in projects and memories, with automatic case adaption and many more really useful features make CafeTran the best tool for me. (I often have to work with Studio projects with gigantic memories that lack all consistency, because they were created by several translators, each with their own preferences and talent. I use CafeTran to unify all target terms quickly.)

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