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can't install in Win7 VM

I would like to use CTE in a Windows 7 VM running in Parallels on a Macbook, but after installation it just wouldn't launch. There is no other Java version installed. What could be causing this?

Thanks, but it's not about read/write access to ntfs drives. I use Tuxera ntfs and it works fine. What I would like to achieve is being able to start working on a project on the Windows desktop, then continue working on that project on my notebook (or vice versa), with all relevant files being on the external drive. With Win and MacOS this is not possible due to the different paths in the project file. This used to work with the Trados I have installed in the VM though.

Anyway my MBP is now 10 years old (served me well, awesome machine) and will get replaced soon, so the issue will be resolved in one way or another.

You have formatted the external drive with ntfs?

That Win 7 VM on the MBP is just my backup system and hardly gets any use; my main machine is a Win 10 desktop. I used to use the VM more often when I still used Trados regularly :P I didn't bother updating it because I use it so seldom.

I sometimes use CTE on MacOS, too, but having another Windows machine would be better for interoperability with my external drive that I use on my Windows machine, with all my project files, total recall and glossary stored on it.

I cannot help you with Win 7. However, I can tell you that CafeTran Espresso works fine on Win 8 and Win 10 both under Parallels and Fusion.

Any particular reason for you to stick at Win 7?

I just read that for older systems the JRE needs to be installed; I did that, it doesn't help though.

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