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Alt (Ctrl)+right arrow to move to the end of the current word (not to the beginning of the next one)

I have recently worked in a simple TextEdit app and found out that the way how Alt+right arrow shortcut works there is much more comfortable. It moves the cursor not to the beginning of the next word, but to the end of the current word. The same is implemented in text editors like BBEdit and Atom. I believe in other text editors as well.

The same is true for selection: Alt+Shift+right arrow selects up to the end of the current word and not to the beginning of the next one.

I believe what we are using now is a legacy of MS Word.

I can't count how many times I press the left arrow after Alt+right arrow when I want to correct a flection or to surround a word with pairs of tags.

I wonder if anyone would be interested in such a change?

For me, the current implementation is fine. I think that it is the default implementation of Java. To change it your way, you could create a KM macro that emulates Alt+Shift+right arrow, Cmd+ C. Depending on the clipboard’s content, you’d let the macro send one or more left arrows.

I think I will make a macro for this one day.

I wonder why programming tools and text editors take a different approach than Word and our CAT tools. Never noticed it before.

It might be because of historical reasons. Especially programming tools have keyboard shortcuts etc that are compatible with old operating systems (CPM etc) and hardware (VAC etc). The Diamond cursor navigation system of WordStar is a famous example. You can also look at a programmable keyboard. BTW: The KM user forum at is extremely friendly and helpful. Just like here :)

The problem is that KM cannot determine the characters surrounding the text cursor. Hence the issue at the comma:


I'll ask in the forum about a possible solution ...


Surrounding characters might be an issue. It would be even harder while selecting text (you cannot move back one character).

Thank you for pointing out to all those systems and the KM forum!

Yep, the collapsing of a selection to the left or right is a chaos.

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