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Working with templates

Hi folks,

Referring to the most recent CT update, I would gladly learn more about working with templates. This is an area I haven't touched much before. Will appreciate.

The most important rule is: first create a new PT by clicking on the ≡ icon, choosing Save PT.

Then you have to add your glossaries and memories via the Dashboard. Then you (select a new and) open your source document. Then you make the adjustments to the panes. Then you close CafeTran Espresso or return to the Dashboard. Then you click on the ≡ icon, choosing Save PT.

Remember that you have to create a new PT first, or else your currently active PT will get modified (= destroyed).

Though I like the concept, I think there is room for improvement here. Especially via a feature to create a new PT from scratch or a previous one.


If I'm not mistaken, modifications like:


Now will be added automatically to the PT.

That would be an improvement. No manual saving required anymore.

One of the things that Save as new PT should do is, automatically unselect all active memories and glossaries, since you'll most likely want to add new ones.

Especially when you have 3 columns of PTs, and your previous PT was in the Y-Z region, you can easily forget to deselect irrelevant resources.

After the recent update I started using PTs, since this feature has become much more user friendly.

And I agree with alwayslockyourbike that the creation and setting up of a new PT can be improved. I find it somewhat confusing. Today I needed to create a new PT and I was staring at the Dashboard not knowing where to start.

I do not know what improvements could make this process clear for users. But I agree that active memories and glossaries should be automatically unselected (I have already added a glossary by mistake once, and I do not normally use too many resources).

The only way I can think of is a project/PT creation wizard (already brought up in some thread here) that will guide the user through this process step by step:

Create new project

(Choose to) create project template

Attach resources and set them up (like select which of them are writable)

Select a file or a folder to be translated

Open the newly created project

I believe chunking this process will make handling projects much easier.

In my opinion too a project wizard would be desirable to create new projects and select existing projects. Then, PT cloning.

Even doing away with the Dashboard would be OK for me; just opening CTE directly into its normal menu interface and doing everything from there, including opening existing projects, launching a project wizard, cloning PTs and all the rest.

Maybe this will remain just wishful thinking, but since we all seem to agree that a different project management would make CTE even better and attract more new users, let's hope it get at least considered (and it's not too difficult or too time-consuming coding-wise).


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Get rid of the Dashboard, expand the Project Configuration to a wizard, displaying your resources?

Suggestion for a new GUI, without the Dashboard

When you launch CafeTran Espresso, the last opened project is loaded:


Click on the ≡ icon to start Project Configuration:


At the Memory & Glossary tab, all your resources are listed. You can specify a project path, that will be saved in the PT. A button or tab for PTs has to be added.

When the hamburger icon is clicked, the Grid is shifted downwards with a nice animation. Eye candy.

Or make the resources directly visible, there's enough space in the upper third of the screen:


Let's only hope we are being listened...

By the way, did you do anything particular to have those 0% and 12% displayed in red? Or is it just Mac cosmetics?

All I know is that I didn’t set the colour myself. Perhaps it’s part of the Mac theme.

Currently, there are 2 different locations where a user configures a project:

  1. In the Dashboard
  2. In the Project Configuration dialogue box
The Dashboard is a castrated form of the Project Configuration dialogue box, offering not much more then an extra obstacle to get to the project's working place.

I suggest to combine both places into a new Project Configuration pane that is placed above the Grid, preferably in an animated way (slide down). Here the famous Project Templates (hey ... they are called Project Templates, and they are placed in the ... Project Configuration pane) can be made accessible.

I hope we are heard. I also understand it's not a trivial thing: how to make it intuitive and functional.

In the context of today's trend towards wide displays, it should be investigated whether positioning the Project Configuration pane at the lefthand side of the Grid (etc.) would be a smarter layout ...


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