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Studio projects: How to filter on status Translated/Approved?

In Studio you have this useful filtering option 'Excluding first occurrences':


I want to create SDLXLIFF files where every segment only occurs once, so I filter on 'Excluding first occurrences'. Still in Studio, I set all filtered segments to 'Translated'.

In CafeTran Espresso I discover that when I filter on 'Translated', not only the segments that I've set to 'Translated' in Studio are being displayed.

Big bummer!!!

I'll try once again, this time setting the status in Studio to 'Approved'.

Hopefully, this will work, else I'll have to find a way to delete filtered segments in Studio.

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I've used another approach: I've simply cleared all repeated segments in Studio. As a benefit: this is way faster than setting the status to Translated.

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