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Ctrl+F in target box in CafeTran (to find specific word)?

 Hi Igor,

A bit of a complicated request here. Or maybe not. In any case, I am testing a new voice command solution (on Windows, but it also runs on Linux and Mac) called Talon. (

I don't know how much you know about Dragon, but it is notoriously difficult to get certain things to work with many programs, especially a feature called Select-and-Say. Select-and-Say is basically where you can select words you have just dictated by saying ‘Select X’. Dragon allows this with MS Word, Notepad, and maybe Outlook and wanted to others. However, there are various clever ways to reproduce this, or fake it if you will.

One way is to use a voice command program called KnowBrainer. Talon can also do it. However, both of these methods rely on something that CT doesn't seem to offer, namely a way to search for words in the target box. For example, this is what my Talon script looks like for selecting words (by voice!) in the target box in studio:

select <phrase>:
    key(ctrl-pageup ctrl-f)

The crucial part that seems to be lacking in CT is I need to be able to Ctrl+f for a particular word in the target box. Is there any way to do this?

PS: interestingly, the guy who is developing Talon has managed to create his own voice dictation engine (which is actually quite amazing!). Talon actually allows you to choose whether to use Dragon's dictation engine, or to use its own built-in one. This is all particularly interesting for those of you running Mac or Linux, since Dragon has since retired its Mac software and there is no Dragon for Linux.



In CafeTran, CTRL+F brings up the search panel with the selected word so it works like in other apps where some sort of a bar or panel pops up. Can you outline what you wish to achieve and why you need to select words AFTER dictating them?

Well, the problem is in Studio, e.g., Ctrl+F, when triggered from the target box, allows the user to immediately find (and select) words in the target box.

Selecting words AFTER dictating them is the basis of a feature called Select-and-say (or ‘Full text control’) in Dragon which greatly improves the program by allowing the user to correct or edit stuff they just said, also by voice. Otherwise, once you have dictated it, that's it. You can only correct it by resorting to the mouse. With this feature, you can continue editing/changing/correcting by voice.  When selecting words by voice with Dragon (in supported programs), a cool little dialogue box pops up with all sorts of things that can be done to your selection, not just correcting it, e.g. changing the case, etc. etc.

Have you tried binding CT to the external editor that is fully-supported by Dragon (

Yeah, I tried that several times in the past but never really liked it much because you lose too much functionality compared to working in the native target box.

I made a quick screencast to show you what I mean:

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