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Mac dictation lags with long segments

I have been using Mac online dictation with CafeTran, and when a segment is really long (e.g., 2300 characters), it starts lagging badly after I've typed about 1200-1400 characters in the target segment. Not a usual segment length, but I often have such long segments from Excel (one cell - one segment).

Can the performance be improved?

With typing, lagging starts some time later.

Maybe try with different segmentation settings?

I cannot do it with an external project. 

I guess I'll just copy the segment contents to a text editor and work with two windows side by side. Anyway, I do not need any TMs or TBs for this content.

Or alternatively, I could try binding an external editor.

Ah, it is an external project...

Yes, binding an external editor may work best. And of course removing any non-essential resource.

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You could also experiment with the external Word table. Here you can limit the segment length macro-wise*), if this is linguistically possible. 

Add a unique character at the position of every split.

Translate the shorter segments.

Rejoin the segments at the inserted unique character.

Create a memory from the table.

Use this memory in CafeTran Espresso for the external project (mqxliff, wasn't it?).

*) Solution for Excell:

The macro should be useable in MS Word too, once adapted.

Thank you, that is something for me to learn from scratch :) I'll need to experiment with it in my free time.

(Yes, mqxliff.)

Sticking with two TextEdit windows side by side this time.

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