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"Auto-propagation of segment status" not working in .sdlppx projects?

Hi guys and gals,


it says:

Auto-propagation of segment status

Checkbox, OFF by default

If this option is ON, the current segment status is also propagated during auto-propagation.


Hmm. OK, let me try to explain.
When I found this setting, I thought: cool, finally a way to have  exact matches down the grid automatically set to "Checked". However, it doesn;t seem to be working in my Studio .sdlppx project.

I always translate using the "Add checked segment to memory and go to next unchecked segment" shortcut, since I like how it changes the segment background to grey, so I can quickly see what I've already done.  However, in my current project, with zillions of identical segments, when I click my shortcut on a segment with e.g. 

NL: Foto of tekening
EN: Photo or drawing

it then turns grey, indicating it's status has been changed to Checked. However, 5 seconds later, further down, when I come to the exact same segment:

NL: Foto of tekening
EN: Photo or drawing

I see that it has not been automatically changed to Checked. It has been auto-inserted, which is good, but why isn't it set to Checked (and grey)?


PS: I just checked, and memoQ can do it. This is with the same exact .sdlppx file/project.

Hi Michael,

I confirm this setting works on native files, but it does not seem to do so for SDLXLIFF and SDLPPX.

In the File formats reference document, I have compiled a list with some differences in the way CafeTran handles external projects as opposed to native ones.

Regarding auto-propagation, I have noted the following:

Auto-propagation is supported (also across multiple files, if they are virtually glued together). However, the P and nP marks for auto-propagation and no propagation of individual segments are displayed for the current session only.

Please note the CafeTran's "Checked" status in currently mapped with the SDL "Translated".

I will be following this thread and update the reference files accordingly.

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