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Airplane Mode

In my home office I’m using my MBP, connected to a Thunderbolt display and an iPad. I’m translating in CafeTran for Mac on the large display. On the MBP’s screen I have a Unilex dictionary running in Windows 10 under VMware Fusion. I noticed that the fan regularly started blowing. The Activity Monitor showed the VM being the culprit. Unlike Parallels, Fusion doesn’t provide an Isolated Mode. I’m now using Windows’ Airplane Mode. All communication with the internet is running via macOS (Catalina). BTW: On the iPad (connected to the MBP via Duet Display) I have the PDF of the manual that I’m translating. The iPad is in upright position and displays a whole page. Segments are synced with CafeTran via an AppleScript for Skim. The script is executed via Keyboard Maestro. Sounds like a lot of whistles and bells, but once set up, it works like a charm. Perhaps I’ll never want to return to my office. Even the coffee is better here.
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