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Missing Matchboard and UI bold font face

Hello Igor,

Installed the latest 10.7.3.

Thank you for renaming the View > Fonts submenu items and adding a separate Matchboard font setting.

In GTK LAF, with a System (dark) theme and internal Java, I am trying out using a bold font setting, for better visibility. After applying to the segments grid and the segment editors, I wish to apply it to other settings.

I've noticed that the Matchboard won't take a bold font setting (it stays at regular).

Same for the UI, when I change the system fonts to Bold in the Gnome Tweaks application.

Could this be added to a future build?

I haven't checked, but maybe this is also the case for other OSes.

To reformulate my question, is it possible to have CafeTran use a bold font for its UI (menus, dialogs, including preferences) and the Matchboard? Is it possible to set every UI element in bold?

The UI interface font type and style for system look and feels (e.g. GTK on Linux) needs to be set in the system. Try changing it to Ubuntu Bold, for example. The Matchboard font's bold style option will be added in CafeTran soon.

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