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Autopilot controls

How do I control autopilot? When I tick Autopilot in Edit menu, it does not start until I move to another segment. Is there a shortcut to start it right away?

When I want to stop it for a while, I press Esc. But how do I re-enable it after a pause?

As far as I'am aware of, Igor never showed interest in implementing TTS, nor many other CTE users for that matter. I'm a strong advocate of TTS, because I believe that it's the real proofreading solution, and I agree that together with the Autopilot it would make CTE a super CAT tool (worth a license price increase). 

If more users pushed for it, maybe chances to get it would increase.

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Thank you, Mario, I've found the old thread:

For me TTS is extremely helpful in self-revision. In fact, I almost never deliver my work without first listening to it, as the eyes cannot always spot typos for psychological reasons. I usually export and copy the bilingual document to Excel, then select the whole target column and let Windows voices read it out loud (a sort of Autopilot too). The biggest downside is that I still need to return to the CAT tool in order to make corrections. 

That's why — after seeing Autopilot and its potential — I asked about such a possibility in CafeTran. This would allow to do all the checking right away, with all the glossaries, filtering and other advantages — and thus save a lot of time.

I'm especially interested in Windows TTS, as it's more advanced and I can use the voice even in my native Ukrainian language. I guess I could switch my external projects from Mac to Windows VM for revision.

I hope Igor can look into this.

Can Autopilot be combined with the Mac built-in text-to-speech? Can it be combined with Windows text-to-speech?

Already requested feature (last year)

Yes, I was in a hurry :) And I thought I could mix Autopilot with editing and navigation.

After proofreading a very large file with Autopilot, I'd like to suggest an implementation that would greatly reduce the amount of Esc presses:

- Autopilot is paused when I start typing anything (without Esc). In this case it is reenabled automatically after I confirm the segment or move to another segment.

- Autopilot does not prevent me from using navigation shortcuts. (But it remains enabled.) This way, I can move to the next segment without using Esc. (Now I need to press a sequence of keys, e.g. Esc > Ctrl+Alt+right)

- I can still pause Autopilot by pressing Esc key. Autopilot is re-enabled when I move to the next segment.

In two words, this will make Autopilot smart enough to understand when the user needs it to stop.

It would also be great to have a shortcut for the menu Action > Autopilot (to toggle Autopilot on/off). This is for cases when I need to stop Autopilot for longer periods of time (e.g., for filtering) without touching the mouse.

More generally, it would be handy if the user could assign a shortcut to any menu item in CafeTran. Unfortunately, it is not possible to assign shortcuts to CafeTran systemwide on Mac in Keyboard > Shortcuts > App shortcuts.

If the above is implemented, only one more control will be added: a shortcut to toggle Autopilot on/off. Esc would still be used for pausing, but it would be pressed far less often.

Here are some more considerations and feedback:

  1. After I switch Autopilot on in the Action menu, I need to move to another segment — and that's when the automatic navigation begins. Could it start right away after I switch it on?

  1. It would be nice to have a visual hint when Autopilot is enabled or paused. This would make the user more comfortable and confident about what is happening.

  1. Currently there is no minimal delay. Because of this, segments with one or two words switch very fast, and it's almost impossible to check them. And if I increase delay, longer segments take too long to switch. Could there be implemented a "Minimal delay" option in Preferences? It would be used in combination with "Autopilot delay". Actual delay would be whichever period of time is longer.

  1. Can Autopilot be combined with the Mac built-in text-to-speech? (System preferences > Accessibility > Speech) Can it be combined with Windows text-to-speech? (Control Panel > Speech Recognition > Text to Speech) If CafeTran could read the text out loud in Autopilot, the feature would be significantly more efficient, as it is hard to spot typos with the eyes.

Before you can do anything on the segment (e.g its correction) you NEED TO suspend/pause the Autopilot. You seem to rush without any pausing at all.

If you pause the Autopilot with the same navigation shortcut or Esc key, you won't have to use the naviagation shortcut twice:

1. Use the navigation shortcut to pause Autopilot for correction (or the Esc key).

2. Then, use the the same navigation shortcut to move to the next segment.

  This way you keep your hands in the same position on the keyboard. There is really no need for any more buttons.

After a couple of hours with Autopilot I can say that it does not play well with navigation. To use any navigation shortcut like Ctrl+Alt+arrows, you need to press them twice. You cannot click on a segment with a mouse — a wrong (or no) segment is selected, and there is often a spinning wheel. Eventually, you end up at a wrong segment.

When Autopilot moves from one segment to another, the representation of a long segment may change a moment after such a move, resulting in that some words are split between the lines.

It would be nice if the navigation plays well with Autopilot, as you need to:

- make corrections, 

- jump to another segment with a mouse or a keyboard, 

- be sure when Autopilot is on or off (a sort of player with play/pause buttons), 

- stop/resume it with a shortcut

- confirm a corrected segment with a shortcut (right now even for that you need to press a shortcut twice)

There is one more thing in Autopilot:

When I press Ctrl+Alt+right arrow to move to the next segment (if I finish checking the segment faster), it does not work. I need to press it once more. Is there a way to make navigation shortcuts work on the first time in Autopilot?

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