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QA for filtered segments

QA for filtered segments// Checkbox, OFF by default// This option allows you to run QA checks on filtered segments.// With this option enabled, first, apply any filter (e.g regex based) you wish, and then perform a QA task.// This option also allows exact matches for the QA selected translation memory to be checked for included fragments when running the QA > Consistency checks > Fragments consistency check (Memory).// This from the reference files. Please allow some questions. What does ‘ for the QA selected translation memory’ mean? How does this check actually work? Can you give some examples?

Yes, I may need to rephrase this.

For now, see explanation for QA > Consistency checks submenu in:

Note: By default, full segments (exact matches) are not checked for included fragments with this QA action. If you enable the option Edit > Preferences > QA > QA for filtered segments, then exact matches for the QA selected translation memory are also checked for included fragments. Please note this may slow down this QA check a bit.


I'm using Igor's words, mostly, and I can't provide examples at this moment.

Hope this helps, though.

@Igor, if the above is incorrect, please let me know so that I can edit the document accordingly. 

Okay, thanks, I read Igor's words at time of publishing and didn't understand them either ;).

And thanks again for taking the time to update the reference files.

If a full segment (exact match) matches a stored fragment, it is not checked (and flagged) when using QA > Consistency checks > Fragments consistency check (Memory), unless you enable "QA for filtered segments" in Preferences > QA… and you apply a two-step QA (first, filter, then apply the QA action).

This is the point I was trying to make at the original discussion: CafeTran should check segments for included fragments by default with this QA consistency check action. The current implementation may be more universal, but also a bit more involved…

The new "QA for Filtered Segments" option just limits the scope of QA check to those segments which have been filtered out via any of the Filter actions (see the Filter menu). That's it.

The QA Consistency check works the same regardless of whether all segments are checked or only the filtered ones.  

Ah, thanks for clarifying that.

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