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Glossary and the Matchboard arrangement

I wish I could place entries from my main glossaries on top of any other results on the Matchboard. If the segment is long, and there are many fuzzy fragments from different TMs, glossary entries can easily go off-screen. 

Right now I have 2 or 3 dozen matches called "FR", and then, already hidden somewhere below — almost all my glossary entries. Matches are sorted by quality. 

It would be handy if the "read and write" glossary was given a "top quality" status among all the results and was considered a sort of project lexicon.

1. Lower the priority of the translation memory that gives the fragment matches (FR), after right-clicking at its pane under the tab.

2. Make sure the priority of your top quality glossary is set high - see its current priority after right-clicking at its pane with the results.

Some memories and the glossary don't respect the settings. I set the glossary to "high priority", the main memory — to "medium", and auxiliary memories — to "low".

Before I close the project/restart CafeTran, nothing changes is the Matchboard. After I close the project/restart CafeTran/save a new project template — most if not all the resources revert to how they were before. The glossary always reverts to "medium priority" and is always at the very bottom of all the results, despite there are low priority resources as well.

Also, one of auxiliary memories reverts from "low" to "medium" — its previous setting.

I've changed the glossary priority to "high" through the menu above: Glossary - Edit glossary info, and this status has been saved, but the glossary is still on the very bottom of results.

The order of term and fragment matches in the Matchboard (with "Sort matches by quality" set) changes right after repeating the automatic search.

As for keeping the settings across sessions, make sure the affected resources are saved and not set as read-only before saving.

How can I repeat automatic search?

All my TMs except one are always read-only, so I do not know how I could save their status across sessions.

Yes, glossary settings should change permanently via the menu Glossary > Edit glossary info, or right-clicking at the given glossary in the Dashboard. 

> How can I repeat automatic search?

Just click at the same segment in the grid or return to it after moving on.

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