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Edit glossary entry

Is there a way to edit just one glossary entry without opening the whole glossary? I mean, by opening a window similar to the one you open when creating a new entry. This would be very handy. 

If this option already exists, I was unable to find it.

How I do it now:

1. Click Glossary in the menu

2. Click Edit glossary

3. Find the required line in the txt file

4. Edit it

5. Save file

6. Reload glossary

7. Navigate one segment back

8. Navigate one segment forth

(the results on the Matchboard get updated)

Luckily, there is ...

Just click on the blue source term:


to get this beautiful dialogue box:


Thanks, that's where it is! I was right-clicking instead. Why didn't I think I could just left-click? Probably, because I was sure the entry would be inserted in the editor :)

I can understand why you where assuming that ...

It's such a thing with intuitiveness – we don't all have the same one.

And: when an intuitive design decision has been made in 2015, new features in 2017 can conflict with that.

And so on.

But now I must work.

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