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Suggestion to rename OpenOffice to OpenDocument (*.odt/ods/odp/odg)


In the Project Configuration Window, when choosing a file type (and maybe somewhere else too), ODF documents (.odt, .odp, .ods, .odg) show up as:

"OpenOffice (*.odt/ods/odp/odg)"

I would argue that it would be better to change this string to:

"OpenDocument (*.odt/ods/odp/odg)"

As that is the actual (albeit shortened) name of the format, OpenOffice is not really a thing anymore, and the format is largely independent (developed by OASIS) and used by other offices by default too (for example, LibreOffice, Calligra Suite).

I understand that the current denomination was chosen as it was sort-of user-friendly, but it is really outdated now as LibreOffice has outpaced OpenOffce (Apache OpenOffice as it is called now) almost a decade ago and other office suits using ODF are emerging too.

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