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Excluding <g> elements at segment start in Studio projects?

I have a client that uses a particular type of bullets, in a certain font (nothing special, a Unicode character would have been a better choice, IMO) in ST4 projects that have to be translated in Studio.

To make a short story long, already in Studio this looks 'ugly':


When I translate these files in my favourite CAT tool (CafeTran Espresso), I get:


red tag,ü,red tagWord

 The second red tag is preventing auto-assembling :(.

When I look in the SDLXLIFF file I see:


Igor, would it be possible to have this sequence represented as one tag in CafeTran Espresso? Preferably with no limitation of auto-assembling?

I can send you an example file via PM.

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It is only possible if you define the sequence between the tags as the hidden non-translatable. Then, CafeTran can merge them all as one tag. But I don't think this solution will work here for a single umlaut surrounded by tags, and I don't know other solutions for such 'ugly' cases.

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