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numbers in TM

The TM seems to not be able to recognize that different numbers mean the segments aren't identical. 

In this case, I can't add an "s" to "visible" when the number is higher than 1 without an "s" being added to "visible" for the "0 visible" and "1 visible" as well. Then I can't remove the "s" from the ones that don't need it without it being removed from the ones that do.

I thought that ALT+Right would avoid sending the segments to the TM, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Try disabling Auto-propagation of numbers and Auto-propagation of non-translatable fragments in Preferences > Auto-propagation.

Description of what each of these settings does:

For EN > FR, I've found that keeping these off at all times works best.

Additional adjustments may also be needed in Preferences > Auto-assembling, when fuzzy matches are involved.

Thank you. That does seem to work. 

I just noticed that my screenshot appears to have been weirdly resized so I can't see anything when I click on it. Any ideas? Does adding a picture rather than attaching one work better?


Freshdesk does have its quirks. In the first post, clicking the image opens the image thumbnail, but clicking the link opens the actual image, so both methods are fine!

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