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Lost text shortcuts

Since installing the latest update I've lost my text shortcuts. The file is stil there and populated, the correct file is still shown in the preferences, but no shortcuts.

'List text shortcuts' lists nothing.

Please fix.

The shortcuts seem to work alright here with the latest update.  If you edited the file externally, check if the first line is not empty. If it doesn't help, submit a ticket attaching the shortcuts file to look into it.

Hi Igor,

the problem is not the file.

I checked that the first line isn't empty. I hadn't ever edited the file manually.

I've just copied over the text shortcuts file from my desktop (having first checked that it works on that machine) and it doesn't work (on my laptop) with that file either.

So the problem must lie elsewhere.


Perhaps you disabled the Prompter (aka Auto-completion) function in Preferences? Text shortcuts are dependent on the Prompter.  

Hi Igor,

The 'prompt phrases' option was indeed disabled and reenabling it has fixed the problem.

I may have disabled this at some point when CT went through one if its periodic brainstorms where it prompts whole sentences en masse. It sounds like I've misunderstood thie misleading name of this setting. Does it simply mean 'Enable prompter'? If so, can you rename it as such.


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