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Relax your eyes

Relax with these 5 tips for eye yoga


A lot of people do it almost all day and even you are doing it right now: you're looking at a screen. Eventually you can get 'square' eyes from that. That's why we give five eye yoga tips to relax. Because even the muscles around your eyes sometimes need extra attention.

Rapid lighting

It doesn't have to be difficult at all: the easiest way to help your eyes is to blink, yawn and go outside. Yawning and blinking will keep your eyes moist. Going outside for a moment exposes your eyes to muscle-relaxing color spectra and gives them a break from the blue light emitted by our screens.

Take a look around

Blinking and yawning are sometimes not enough and going outside isn't always an option either, so that's why we move on to the heavier guns. The first exercise helps to relax your eyes by not moving your head and looking in all kinds of directions. For example, look up, hold your gaze here for one breath, look to the left for one breath, etc. Do this until the distress around your eyes is somewhat reduced.

Do a focus stretch

Another exercise that can help is the so-called focus stretch. You can see a lot with your eyes, from very far to very close. In this exercise we make use of that. Look in one direction, and focus your gaze in four steps from far away to close. Breathe with each step. Then you can repeat this until your eyes are relaxed again.

Give yourself an eye massage

Most of the tension is in the muscles closed around your eyes and therefore a small massage here can do wonders. Close your eyes and gently massage the skin between your eyebrows and eyes with your fingertips. Then slowly go around to the area under your eyes. Finally, massage your sleep.

Go for a nice round of palms

The last exercise is the so-called palms. Place your ellenbows on the table and your hands over your eyes. Then lean gently on your hands. Keep this up for 30 to 40 seconds while breathing calmly.

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